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I speak with a 4th year computer science student and close friend. Topics include:

  1. 150,000 printers connected to the public internet and, well, someone used them to print things:

  2. Article about fb ad targetting (from 2015)

  3. “Rubber ducking”

  4. Technology Summer camp - kids learn to make games and program robots.

  5. Speaking about cellphones technologies, I accidentally said CSMA (carrier-sense multi-access) instead of CDMA (code-division multi-access). When I said GPRS I was really searching for the acronym GSM. I wish I could find the document I read as a kid explaining GSM and CDMA. It was only text (it was not a pdf or html page, it was a .txt file). Help me find it!

  6. His book is available for purchase or for free:

  7. In 2017 the US surpreme court reversed their original ruling on how EULAs apply to privately owned devices, which I was not yet aware of. Previously, the manufacturer had a say in what consumers could or could not do with the products they purchased. As of the 2017 ruling, people are now free to do as they please with their products again.

    1. In Canada this has not been an issue thanks to legilation passed (in 2011?). I couldn’t find the specific bill :(
  8. Learn more about mechanical keyboards, including building your own:

  9. Happy Hacker Keyboard:

  10. Ubuntu 18.04 (using GNOME 3) has tons of options for re-mapping keys on your keyboard (ie. make CapsLock a Ctrl key, make CapsLock a backspace key, swap Alt with Ctrl, etc). However, swapping backslash with backspace is not one of the options. You can find these options easily using a tool called Tweaks. sudo apt install gnome-tweaks.

  11. AutoHotKey scripts for Windows for moving, resizing, and closing windows in a more lazy way: (executables and source code). I cannot live without these.

  12. Git vs Mercurial (hg) rosetta stone: During the recording I confused SVN with Mercurial.

  13. A comparison of Git, SVN, and Mercurial: Personally I found Git’s performance and efficiency was well worth the learning curve.