My Guest Today

Toronto designer, maker, and entrepreneur Hillary Predko.

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  1. As of our recording, Make Magazine is no more.
  2. The Toronto Maker Map. You can buy the 2017 version here but I know there’s an updated version out there somewhere.
  3. Toronto Public Library’s Digital Innovation Hubs has 3D printers you can use for $1.
  4. The Toronto Tool Library’s Spadina location is also a makerspace!
  5. The Centre for Social Innovation.
  6. STEAMLABS has several summer camps for robotics and creating games.
  7. Sergio admits to playing copious amounts of Minecraft back in 2010, now call “Minecraft Classic”.
  8. Hillary admits to playing Universal Paperclips, where as an AI you turn everything into paperclips.
  9. Make Change Conference, which this year took place at the Toronto Media Arts Centre.
  10. The Daniels Launchpad building.
  11. ForeverSpin is a top-carving company based in Toronto.
  12. The OCAD Social Body Lab.
  13. Kate Hartman
  14. In the 1970s, a group calling themselves The Eudaemons used hidden computers to beat casino roulette. I found the original 2004 mini-documentary where I learned about this (43 minutes). Thanks History Channel!
  15. Toronto’s Eric Boyd created an ankle bracelet with little vibrating motors, so the wearer always knew which direction was north.
  16. The Drone Dress:
    1. With the help of Lee Wilkins, Len Predko and Make Fashion.
  17. Beautifully organized cables:
  18. little dada.
  19. Dadaism was an art movement in the early 20th century, in which Marcel Duchamp was a noteworthy figure.
  20. The Hand Eye Scociety.
  21. Skylab was the first space station launched by NASA, operating from 1973 to 1979.
  22. Skylab’s final occupants reportedly went on strike for a short time, ignoring communication from NASA.
  23. I couldn’t find a reliable source for the estimated cost of 1 astronaut on the ISS/Skylab for 1 day, but it’s multiple millions. Each washroom break costs several thousand dollars 🤯
  24. Living on Mars would suck. Kurzgesagt (In a Nutshell) explained this perfectly (9min).
  25. Mars Trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson.
  26. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein.
  27. Guild Eyewear made glasses using CNC machines. They changed their approach and re-branded as Look Again Eyewear.
  28. The Artisan Factory.
  29. The Vega Edge. A wearable light that works with your wardrobe.
  30. Hillary completed this residency with The Social Body Lab.
  31. A video tour of the gorgeous Pier 9 machine shop (8min).
  32. Makers by Cory Doctorow.
  33. Hannah Perner-Wilson.
  34. Kobakant: website, Twitter, Patreon, DIY Wearable Technology Documentation. Cool stuff on all 4 (I got very distracted).
  35. Toronto Space Club.
  36. The group that maintains old film equipment is PIX FILM.
  37. WisCon is “a feminist science fiction & fantasy convention held annually in Madison, Wisconsin.”
    1. It’s been running since 1977!
    2. Kim Stanley Robinson, Author of the Mars trilogy linked above, was WisCon’s guest of honor in 2015.
  38. All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders.
  39. Infinite Detail by Tim Maughan.
  40. Science Fiction writer Cory Doctorow, best known for his book Little Brother.
  41. The Training Commission is a “speculative fiction novella” delivered via email.
  42. Civic Tech Toronto is a diverse community of Torontonians interested in better understanding and finding solutions to civic challenges through technology, design or other means.
  43. The Waldo Moment is a Black Mirror episode where a political candidate was an animated cartoon rather than a real person.
  44. Twilight Zone: Rod Serling’s Lost Classics.
  45. The ABC Collective doesn’t have an online presence yet. Stay tuned!

Closing music: Shy Kids - I Was in New York