My Guest Today

Bruk is a software developer by day, culinary experimenter by night. He’s worked on hobby video games, built robots, and has traveled an unusual path to where he is now.

  1. We both work on different teams at Points International.

  2. Bruk learned computer networking and was part of the robotics team at the high school we both attended.

    1. He participated in robotics competitions with other schools, as part of First Robotics extra-curricular.
    2. Bruk also learned computer networking in several courses as part of Cisco Networking Academy.
    3. Shameless advertising for this school, it was outstanding!
  3. Beanfield Metroconnect owns the largest independent fiber network in Toronto.

  4. Blender (a free and open source 3D creation suite) has a component called Blender Game Engine which supports Python! This is how and why Bruk learned Python.

    1. Bruk created this way back in 2006. Check. Out. These. Screenshots.
  5. Bruk wrote a web crawler to show in real-time where firefighters were responding to calls. Unfortunately that code is not available.

  6. The Arduino sketch for my Christmas tree clapper, and the accompanying (Android app)[].

  7. Cisco’s certifications were once fairly simple but now have many more paths. Bruk learned the CCNA curriculum in high school but never wrote the CCNA exam (it wasn’t required for the high school credit)

  8. Femtow: a tiny web framework

  9. Bruk mentioned back in 2017 my brother and I dropped all these balloons on a friend for her birthday. It worked perfectly!! Check out the video (45s)