My Guest Today

Danny Fekete, a lifelong Toronto resident, poetry lover, and former middle-school teacher, who decided to change careers at age 35. He shares his experiences with us.

  1. The 10-week dev course that Danny recently finished:

  2. I thought Danny’s description of pair-programming as a driver and a navigator was perfect. One person keeping us on the road and the other ensures we take the best route.

  3. “The Crystal Castle” is my term for this phenomena where you delicately hold several concepts in your head at once while programming, and it all vanishes if someone taps you on the shoulder.


  5. AtronomyOnTap: a periodic meetup for those interested in astronomy. Find media from November’s event on Dunlap Institute’s Twitter

    1. They gave away a telescope to an attendee in November. Awesome!
  6. Danny briefly talks about his exposure to behaviour driven development using RSpec. I remember discovering BDD when I first learned Ruby and being absolutely mind-blown at this concept.