My Guest Today

Marino Wijay gives us a view into corporate tech companies in Toronto, and shares what he’s learned about stock & investments.

  1. Marino and I both attended Ontario Tech University, known then as UOIT. We went in vastly different directions thereafter.
  2. Marino attained a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification, an 8-hour gauntlet of challenging networking problems. Most people do not succeed on their first attempt.
  3. He also mentions Juniper‘s JNCIE certification.
  4. The OSI model describes how computers communicate over networks. Here’s a handy picture.
  5. We went from high-end consumer CPUs having 2-4 cores ~2.5GHz to now 8-16 cores ~4.5GHz.
  6. Moore’s Law predicts that transistor count on an affordable CPU doubles every 2 years. I mistakenly said it doubled every 18 months, which I learned is a common mistake. It was David House from Intel who claimed it doubles every 18 months, not Gordon Moore.
  7. Moore’s prediction was made in 1975 and has been largely accurate.
  8. Storage Area Networks are networks or devices exclusively for the purpose of accessing storage.
  9. Hyper Converged Infrastructure.
  10. Containers provide resource isolation, but in a cheaper way than Virtual Machines. Kubernetes is a system for orchestrating containers.
  11. VMWare NSX
  12. A great insight: when developers said they wanted Software Defined Networks, what they really wanted was a software defined application platform.
  13. I mistakenly say that Elastic Search is written in Erlang, but I meant to say Apache CouchDB is written in Erlang. Both are high-performance technologies I use in my day job.
  14. Raspbian: Debian Linux for Raspberry Pi.
  15. pi-hole is a DNS server that blocks ad-serving domains, designed to run on the Raspberry Pi. Now even your TV and Smartphone won’t see ads ;)
  16. Mike from the Useless Duck Company hosted a robot-building event that I attended. Thanks Mike!
  17. I accidentally confused Raspberry Pi with Arduino. They’re very different!
  18. Jack of all trades, master of one.
  19. T-shaped employees. See page 46 of the Valve Employee Handbook

Marino Wijay